ISESR focuses on the integral part of living – Energy and a way of living – Sustainability. Hence it is difficult to limits its scope and we consider the whole horizon


Professionals in Energy and Sustainability choose ISESR for the their career development. The certification programs are designed holistically taking into considerations the knowledge, skills and industrial standards.


Educational Institutions are provided with the tailor made and customized courses based on their curriculum. Also other professional and related institutions are provided with the programmes, certifications, seminars and webinars based on their requirement. This benefits institutions to suit specific needs, compliance policies and specializing in Energy and Sustainability.


Industrial focused solutions are provided to enable them energy efficiency, self sufficiency, energy management, energy planning, energy independence, sustainability, renewable energy solutions, environmental compliances. Getting certified by an premium institution like ISESR provides industries with a competitive advantage.


Commercial businesses are supported by identifying the low cost best practices to enhance their business operations. Making the business sustainable comes with many advantages like government subsidies, tax benefits, increased economic viability and subsequent opportunities to increase the business and profits.


ISESR collaborates with the governmental and quasi-governmental entities to provide them consultancy. And solutions range from Integrated approach of Energy through Sustainability, Energy planning for the economy, technological advancements in Energy production and various other solutions.


Utilities have an extraordinary scope and a huge opportunity for saving power and becoming more sustainable. Utility specific training programs are available that can be customized based on the requirements and standards. Each utility is different and has a particular energy consumption pattern and maintenance requirements.


ISESR’s success is constituted by our leadership, who are industry veterans, and highly intellectual visionaries contributing to making the world more sustainable. Our leadership team comes from a diverse background of energy, environment, sustainability renewable energy, natural resource management, solid waste management, pollution control, groundwater management, conventional energy management, coal, oil, and natural gas emissions. ISESR’s knowledge board members are responsible for the resources and designing of BoK, which are regularly updated and improved to be on par with industry standards. The individual and organization members get access to global trends of energy and sustainability through the training, seminars, webinars, journal papers, research articles that are available to the members.