Rich Goldberg

Mr. Rich is an independent consultant based in New York City. His emphasis is on Energy Efficiencies, Sustainability and Simple Best Practices. He has been educating architects, engineers and facilities personnel globally on a variety of topics for more than a decade. His current focus is primarily on the building envelope, especially glazing and window films. His work in this realm is changing the way buildings are being designed and constructed, in order to optimize energy performances throughout the life cycle of both new and existing properties. Rich continues to work with hundreds of universities, numerous hospitality & healthcare companies, property management firms, airports and other large energy consumers to reduce energy usage and operating expenses, while greatly enhancing facilities. He also was instrumental in creating The Global Green Expo in Liberty State Park (NJ) in 2008. It proved to be one of the largest public environmental events in the greater NYC area. The festival attracted a multitude of celebrities and sustainability leaders, including Kevin Bacon, Ted Danson, Jeff Corwin, Dr. Sylvia Earle and Ed Begley, Jr.