Adel Regal

Prof. Adel Regal is an environmental impact assessment and sustainability professional. He has over 25 years of experience in Environmental Consultancy, monitoring programs and research. He has a strong educational background including a master's and Ph.D. degrees in the ?eld of ecosystem and environment and he was a Post-Doctor in Mie University Japan. He has enrolled in several international projects with EEAA, DANIDA, and PERSGA for monitoring of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. He attended many international training programs (EIA, EEAA-SEAM-EIMP), Climate Changes Mitigation and Adaptation (SIDA, Sweden), Ocean Governance (IOI, Malta, and JICA-ISME training on CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF MANGROVE ECOSYSTEMS (Okinawa-Japan). He was a trainer for the Youth Environmental group and participated in tenths of Environmental Impact Assessment studies for marine, infrastructure, and industrial projects. He became a member of WeAdapt (Stockholm Environment Institute, since 2011), AWARENET (2012), International Society of Mangrove Ecosystems- Okinawa, Japan (2012). He established the IOI Alumni of Egypt (Feb. 2012) and was assigned as International Ocean Institute Focal Point (Egypt) by March 2012. Currently, he joined some course for environmental science and environmental sustainability challenges at Utrecht university and became a volunteer member of Red Cross Netherlands active in the MISSING MAPS Project