Isaac Evan Gould

Isaac is the CEO and founder of Power From Within Clean Energy Society, (PFWCES). He started this company in 2014 although his forward-thinking and innovative ideas of harnessing solar technology were before the times, he held on to his belief that everyone deserves to live a quality life and that simplicity was the best way to accomplish this. He has participated in and managed projects that incorporated solar power as a means of sustainable energy. He is knowledgeable about the use of Aquaponics and plans to incorporate both of these when building affordable off-grid container style homes that can revolutionize the way we look at homeownership. Yes, we can afford it! No one should be house poor with large energy and food bills. This concept looks at addressing all three of these needs. As we all know there is a growing demand for affordable housing in our great city as well as our rural Indigenous communities, and sadly a lack of supply. Isaac and his team are dedicated to providing self sustaining housing and thus begin to fill the gaping hole in our housing crisis. He is a strong believer in respecting the earth and harnessing the energy and resources she provides as taught by both his Bermudian and Indigenous backgrounds