Samantha Suppiah

Ms. Samantha Suppiah is a sustainability strategist and chartered engineer (CEng MCIBSE) in the field of urban design, energy engineering and building physics. With over a decade of experience in engineering and sustainability in Northern Europe, Samantha is currently an independent consultant in Southeast Asia. She informs and facilitates architectural and engineering design processes in urban and building design projects to ensure environmental, carbon and social sustainability aims are met and exceeded. An Urban Future Young Leader 2019, Samantha is Founding Member and Network Coordinator of the Future Urban Leaders Network, an international network of young professionals with diverse fields of interest and expertise, who are collectively concerned about our global urban future. With her global outlook on holistic sustainability, Samantha is often a guest speaker at international conferences, hackathons and innovation camps. Through study and work in the UK and Sweden, Samantha gained professional experience in sustainability and energy efficiency consultancy in urban and building planning, masterplanning strategy, engineering design, and architecture. Samantha holds an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and is a professional member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).