Rick Rolston

Mr. Rick is an experienced SaaS and cleantech entrepreneur, driven by a very personal need to leave the world a better place for the next generation. With over 40 years of multi-disciplinary experience in resource economics, sustainable agriculture, forestry, land-use, energy, water, construction processes, and facilities management information systems, Rick is applying information technologies to turn big data into climate action. His company, BuiltSpace Technologies, continues to scale a global software platform to enable companies, and communities, to collaboratively and proactively manage change across the global built environment. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Rick is a graduate of the University of British Columbia Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Something you may not know about Rick; his family roots go directly back to Petrolia Ontario, site of the world’s first commercial oil well, where by 1879 the family oil business was a notable producer, at 50 barrels a day. The price of oil was said to be firm at 65 cents a barrel, and “the principal feature of the oil market at the present time is its quietness.” Rick, and his family, are working diligently to help transition the world to zero-emissions and push oil markets back to pre-1879 levels.