Walter Kennedy Bualiah

Mr. Walter is a seasoned environment and sustainability specialist and practitioner with diversified experience in providing expertise to realize sustainability goals and protect, preserve and enhance the local environment. Offering 20+ years of management, leadership and technical oversight in all areas of conservation, development and climate change adaptation projects and consistently designing, executing and delivering projects to the highest global standards. Displaying wealth of international expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), construction environmental management plans (CEMP), waste management plans, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) audits, air dispersion modelling, noise monitoring and carbon management. Remarkable proficiency in understanding environmental issues and documenting status, dissemination of environmental information to the concerned stakeholders. Successfully implemented climate change adaptation projects to provide a sustainable living for the communities in semi-arid regions with the techno-commercial collaboration with European Union (EU). Offered best in class solutions and deep industry expertise for responding resourcefully and constructively to new demands, priorities, and challenges across wide range of projects involving multisite & international assignments with diverse environmental issues across diverse geographies including Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, India, and Malaysia. Added intelligence to EHS processes as Lead Auditor for Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001), Certified Green Building Rating Assessor Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS) lead assessor for the verification of carbon footprint in line with the ISO 14064, and Sustainability Audit (GRI Standard). Proficient user of advanced software such as AERMOD/CALPUFF air dispersion model, DNV PHAST and PHAST Risk v 6.7 and comprehensive knowledge of HAZOP Study software including HAZOP Manager Software and PHA PRO, TANKS Emissions Estimation Software, Version 4.09D Worked with coastal zone management authority to integrate climate change adaptation into local planning processes, and programmes. Involved in the conservation of coral reefs and mangrove ecosystem in Gulf of Mannar. Effective communicator with proven ability to educate and influence senior management and operations on environmental compliance and liability issues