Ghabbara Mohamed

Mr. GHABBARA Mohamed come from a city located in the south of Tunisia (Tataouine) and based in Tunis, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer As part of the development of the greenfield photovoltaic power plant in Tunisia (10MW); Doctoral Scholar in Energy Engineering at The University of Monastir, Tunisie and University Teacher for Students of the 2nd year Thermal Engineering and Renewable Energy at higher Institute of Technological Studies (ISET) in Tunisia. He graduated in Energy Engineering and Environmental Technologies and has many experience in Electrical and Energy domains. In 2018 he joined the technical team of the Branch Gas, Renewables & Power of Total Group, to intervene on missions in the context of large ground-based photovoltaic projects in France (pre-project development phase). Also he an Electrical Project Engineer as part of Gas NAWARA Project in the south of Tunisia (Sahara). He was a professional trainer in Autocad who facilitated several training sessions in Tunisia. At present he is conducting research on development and Characterization of Perovskite/Si Tandem solar cells with partners of the University of Lille in France and a research laboratory in Belgium.