Neha Kandwal

Mrs. Neha Kandwal is an environmental and sustainability sector professional hailing from New Delhi, India, liaising with multiple organisations involved in propagating environmental awareness and education. Through her eco blog-iamgreenified, she is determined to make people more eco- conscious and green-wise, the world over. Neha publishes thought-provoking articles and creates ‘green content’ regularly on her various social media accounts to aware and educate more and more people. One of her campaigns, The Green Switch aims to share with people some eco-friendly habits to enable their smooth transition into a more eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle. To encourage emerging sustainable technologies and businesses, Neha reviews and advertises their products to increase their visibility. One such article she wrote about an organic tea brand, Kumaon Organics titled ‘SustainabiliTEA’ helped the brand get the visibility it deserved and make decent profits. In the past, she has worked with corporates, governmental organisations, NGOs and think tanks alike. She is also a Green Mentor at The Youth Ubaal Foundation (Delhi). Neha regularly volunteers to support and work with NGOs which have a green ethos. She is an alumna of University College London (MSc. Environment, Science and Society) and holds a bachelor‘s degree in Environmental Engineering. Additionally, Neha has a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Law and Policy from National Law University, Delhi. She has a certification in Building Design and is a GRI certified G4 Reporting professional.