Masahiko Nakada

Mr. Masahiko Nakada is based out of Kawasaki, Tokyo. He is a pioneer in energy efficient Lubricants and Internal Combustion engines with experience spanning over 50 years. He holds a Doctorate for Reliability and Driveability of Exhaustion Emission Engines. He joined Toyota Motor Corporation in April 1967. He had been working for research and development of engine engineering area in Toyota and had published more than 50 papers that are related to engines and fuels/lubricants. After retirement from Toyota, he worked for Tchnova, which is a think-Tank of Toyota Group, studying on future energy including oil and renewables. He has been active in fuel/lubricant related area in both Japan and overseas. Most recently he worked for JSAE to form a new R&D mechanism for internal combustion engines between academia and industry, which is called "The Research association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines". He has been honoured with the awards of Distinguished engineer from JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers), Technical Paper Award and Arch T. Colwell Merit award from JSAE (Japanese society of Automobile Engineers). He also received SAE Award of Research on Lubricants.