Certified Sustainability Professional

Basic Information

Sustainability is the overall development, harnessing the mutual and cumulative efforts of energy and environment combined together. Certified Sustainability Professionals make sure the progress and development in any industry or organization takes place in a sustainable manner.  

ISESR Certified Sustainability Professional possess all capabilities in achieving the desired result by bringing in the world class knowledge, best in class practices to any industry, organization or management paving the way for more dutiful energy optimization required for the more sustainable practices of the future.


Candidates pursuing for the Certified Sustainability Professional examination have to pass with 80% a 3-hour examination comprising 100 multiple choice questions to assess their understanding in the Certified Sustainability Professional Body of Knowledge.

Candidate Eligibility Requirements

ISESR Certified Sustainability Professional requires a minimum of 2 years of experience in Energy industry or minimum of 5 years of experience in Energy related industry. Proof of employment has to be submitted while applying for the Exam.

Certification Renewal

The candidates are obliged to renew their certification every 3 years, pertaining to conform to the current techniques, methodologies and practices. This will give them more leverage to be updated and sustain in the industry of their operation. The procedure is very simple, where the candidates have to complete a simple online test with 80% scores. Upon not clearing the online test or non-renewal within the due date, the candidates are required to again take up the full test.

Examination Dates

All ISESR Certification Examinations are available throughout the year. The Exams are administered online through proctored third party testing agencies. Kindly write to us at cert@isesr.org for more information.

Certification Fees
Category Members Non - Members
Examination Fees GBP 350 GBP 400
Retake Fees GBP 350 GBP 400
Recertification Fees GBP 350 GBP 400