International Society for Energy and Sustainability Research

ISESR is a enriched knowledge platform developed through the synergy of wisdom, expertise and experience of highly aspiring and achieving minds envisioning to develop the Professionals, Industries and Organizations in the path of Energy and Sustainability.

And serve the humanity in advancing towards a more energy responsible and energy sustainable future.

ISESR Value Proposition

     Build & Nuture you professional development and organizational growth along with the community of Energy and Sustainability Professionals, Scientists, Organizations, Industries who are continuously contributing to the research and development of the certifications listed, resource provided, seminars conducted, webinars hosted and for the conferences held.


ISESR focuses on the integral part of living – Energy and a way of living – Sustainability. Hence it is difficult to limits its scope and we consider the whole horizon


Professionals indulged in Energy and Sustainability to boost their...

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Educational Institutions are provided with the tailor made and...

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Industrial focused solutions are provided to enable them with...

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Commercial businesses are supported in terms of identifying...

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Utilities has a great scope and huge opportunity for saving power...

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ISESR collaborates with the governmental and...

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